Real Estate Investing Fundamentals, Show Me How Videos

September 2, 2010 by admin  
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Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Investor and Wealth Building Video Series In this video you will learn •Proven techniques for investing in Real Estate •How to locate deals on properties •Learn about foreclosures, REO’s and tax sales •The benefits of 1031 Tax Exchanges •Working with tenants and leases •Managing your properties •How to limit your liabilities and risks •Several experts give you industry knowledge •Actual links to free foreclosure websites •Links to free pre-foreclosure websites •Links to free REO websites •Download files on the DVD to assist you •Go into an actual investment property •Flipping properties •Learn about some of the financing options to you so you can retire early Learn from several experienced real estate investors. Your will receive their advice on how to get started and take the fear out of this rewarding venture. These investors will give you real world experience including the pros and cons on investing. You will hear from veteran investors so you may develop your own investing philosophy. The free links provided in this video are some of the same ones you may pay hundreds of dollars for on pay per foreclosure websites. Now with low interest rates and high foreclosures this is the perfect time to purchase investment properties. This how to DVD will show you some of the methods the rich get richer and how to get into the real estate investing market. 1031 Tax exchanges are one method that investor increase their net worth and defer their

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