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The Fourteenth Edition of Real Estate Finance and Investments prepares students to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate. Concepts and techniques included in the chapters and problem sets are used in many careers related to real estate. The material in this edition is also relevant to individuals who want to better understand real estate for their own personal investment and financing… More >>

Real Estate Finance & Investments


5 Responses to “Real Estate Finance & Investments”
  1. W Boudville says:

    For serious investors pondering whether to indulge in real estate, this book provides an indepth look at the factors you should be aware of. It explains the main types of real estate – residential, commercial, industrial. Each has its quirks, with its own pricing, investment history and tax considerations.

    For example, there is consideration of foreclosed homes. Giving an analysis of the costs of buying this REO from a bank and then fixing it up for resale. The different types of acquisition fees you are likely to encounter are given. Along related lines, there is a study of a personal residence. Should you rent or own this? The conclusions can and will vary with market conditions and geography. Unlike what a realtor might tell you, the book has no automatic bias towards owning a home.

    On a larger scale, the book tells how to evaluate many types of property for income streams. Along with possible financial leverages schemes, to bootstrap your portfolio.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Sergei says:

    This book was required for my RE class at school, so I had to buy it. But unlike many college text books, which will sit on the shelf unused 90% of the time, this one actually proved to be very, very useful. It covers financial and some legal aspects of all major categories of real estate. It helps to be familiar with DCF, TVM and other basic accounting concepts before starting this book.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. S. Vann says:

    This is a detailed text that is easy to read. It should be noted, however, that due to the vastness of the subject there’s lots of similar terms that can be easily confused. This isn’t a book you read and pass along, keep it on the shelf for reference. Absolutely love the web site links that have Excel sheets ready to analyze.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. John Kolb says:

    This is by far one of the worse text books I have encountered so far in my three years of higher education.

    The authors do a horrible job summarizing points and one must read paragraphs multiple times to understand something as simple as a fixed rate mortgage. The book also has poor illustrations and confusing graphs.

    The book has paragraph headings but after reading the entire paragraph 3 or 4 times I find it difficult to write in words what the paragraph title actually means. There are no bold terms or summarized definitions on the side margins which makes studying nearly impossible. For the amount of math in the book the authors also do a poor job explaining how to work the problems and show little work.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. J. Wright says:

    If you have to purchase this book for a class, I feel quite sorry for you. This book is absolutely horrid. The writing is completely superfluous and there is very little explanation as to how to calculate/solve problems. Being a book intended to instruct (or perhaps the problem is that this is not the authors’ intent), one would think more time would be spent providing calculation examples and problems. To make matters worse, there are few problems at the end of each chapter with which to practice and no solutions with which to check your progress. What is even worse is that the problems are even more verbose than the text — approximately 99% of your time spent on problems will be reading them and then writing out loads of non-critical information, followed by 1% of your time engaging in the actual practice of the subject matter.

    I recommend that no instructor employ this book in their teaching, and that any student whose instructor assigns it to drop the class before it is too late.
    Rating: 1 / 5